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Anaïs and Jacob’s intimate wedding in Ibiza was one of my favorite of the season. I literally fall in Love with them and their families. They all welcome me as a friend, it was amazing.

It was a very intimate wedding, they traveled all the way from America to come in Ibiza to celebrate their union in Anaïs’s father home, where she spent all her childhood. You can easily imagine how emotional it was for her to be there surrounding by her love ones. Jacob’s family is just the cutest. Special big up to his mother which appears to be one of my biggest fan 🙂 I adore her obviously 🙂

After the ceremony, they had a cocktail on the terrasse of their beautiful house  and then we took 2 hours together to photograph their Love in Es Cubells village.

Beside to have A LOT of fun together, it was an absolute honor to photograph their love. We made magic together.





Hair and Make up


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Here are some few of the questions, i asked them before their wedding. Because getting to know them is the first step  towards taking pictures that look like them.

Tell me how you met?

We technically met on Craigslist! Jacob and his housemates were looking for someone to sublet a room in their house in Berkeley, CA in June 2012. We met & I moved in to the house for a month. We started dating 2 months later 🙂

What seduces you about the other ?

We first connected over our love of cooking and baking. Before we started dating, we spent a whole day making croissants from scratch at the house. We would have these elaborate potluck dinners with the whole house (we were 6 people in the house). Jacob and I would stay up until 2 am doing dishes and talking. That’s how we got to know each other. Then Jacob helped me buy a bike and we started going on bike rides together.

Tell me about the proposal ?

Being somewhat old fashioned, Jacob wrote a letter to Anais’s dad asking for his blessing (his 7th grade teacher – who is French – translated it for him). Blessing secured, he proposed on a mountain bike ride to mount Tam in Marin County, CA. Anais said yes, and then 5 minutes later flipped over the handlebar of her bike (she was head over heels for Jacob).

What are the words that best define your relationship ?



Food loving


On Bicycles

On the emotional level, what will be the highlight of your wedding ?

We are reading a passage from the Little Prince in French and English with everybody in the wedding taking part.

Quelles sont les personnes les plus importantes pour vous ?

Everyone – it will only be 12 of us. It will only be family – and 2 friends who will marry us (they lived in the Berkeley house with us when we met).

Let’s speak about the important elements of your wedding.

The place is the most important. Anais grew up going to this house in Ibiza every summer. My mom (Anais’) died a year and a half ago – and she wanted her ashes to be in ibiza. We may not be able to do that -but we will have a celebration for her the next morning. To me, having the wedding in Ibiza – the place she loved the most – is a way for her to be with us.

What are the most important pictures for your wedding and why ?

Tell me about the theme of your wedding.

There isn’t really a theme. Maybe nature?

Our colors are pale pink, green and white

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