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A wedding in Ibiza… I love intimate weddings. I love bohemian weddings with secular ceremonies.

I love mixed unions with their joyous plethora of nationalities

That of Claudia and Florent was just that. Perfect

She is Italian, he is French, they live in Switzerland and their friends are scattered across the globe.

I cant even begin to explain how adorable they are and how much I enjoyed being able to shoot their wedding in Ibiza.

It was just great

We first touched base in February, and we clicked instantly. Having loved my family photos, we decided on “a wedding report” + “a family session” (it won’t be long before it is online, and I’m warning you, it’s awesome!)

Having been together for several years as well as having had an adorable little boy, thie wedding was a celebration of their love that they wished to share with those they love.

They both were crystal clear on what it was they wanted, a simple, bohemian, nick-nack-less wedding.

So they rented a huge villa for two weeks, talk about making the most of Ibiza (that they know well having come every year), partying and resting sparingly.

The ceremony took place in the middle of the afternoon (reason behind the uncharacteristically luminous images)

The decoration was perfect: simple, with a little touch of smart-hippy. How very instagrammable.

After a very successful “first look”, the ceremony could begin.

The celebrant (a friend of theirs) was funny and moving

Their son was the ring bearer: it was adorable

Everyone was happy; the emotion in the room was palpable

All in all, it was very moving and I cried a total of three times

Claudia and Florent trusted me all the way through. It was an absolute pleasure to meet them and to immortalise their love.

I hope to see them again next year. They gave me the most wonderful of compliments by saying that “I had sublimated their wedding by leaving them with memories that they’ll keep for the rest of their lives” and they also told me “that I had made the right decision in quitting my old job and pursuing my dream as a photographer”

Nothing could make me happier.

Once again, thank you.


Venue: Can Do It

Dress: Rime Arodaky

Flowers: Antonio R.

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