My favorite wedding venue in the countryside of Ibiza



Is your wedding nearby? Are you confused over who is the best Ibiza wedding photographer? Or are you uncertain about the venue but unable to pick a rural hotel here in Ibiza? You will find answers to all these popping questions. It is time to kick back the anxiety to where it came from.

Which moments do you wish to hold for the rest of your days? Well, just like you, for me, it is the wedding day. It is the exact moments that completely change your life. Don’t you want to remember this forever? This is a time of your life that you cannot afford to waste. The moment when you confirm the love of your life is of the utmost importance to you and those around you.

Are you getting married?

There are so many ways that people imagine a wedding day. Some relate it to their dress, others to decorations, while others simply dream of a gorgeous location. Below, I will share some of my favorite wedding venues in Ibiza, dreamy places in the countryside to tie the knot. You can find many wedding photographers in Ibiza, but no one is more dedicated and passionate than I am.

I am not gonna brag, but before sharing my personal top Ibiza rural hotels, I would like you to become familiar with my photography skills. For me, I am all about capturing the reflection, the real you. With time, my capabilities to capture the reality in a shot have improved immensely. My portfolio showcases these capabilities in full, ensuring you are in safe hands. At every stage, you will be involved and heard.

My favorite wedding spots in the Ibiza countryside

I can relate to your situation of finding a wedding venue because I was once in the same situation. To make your lives easier, here are some of my favorite wedding venues in Ibiza which I have been to many times.

  1. Casa Maca – This is one of the best places on the island to get married in Ibiza. A hidden paradise in the hills of Ibiza. One of the most authentic experiences of agroturismo. Lovely blue skies, scenic views, and hotel facilities itself are of the highest standard.
  2. Can Gall – Aesthetic views of Mother Nature in Can Gall are unmatched. An exclusive agroturismo in the north of Ibiza with native essence and unparalleled experience. Just imagine your wedding beneath the shadow of a mountain. This can be a reality here at Can Gall.
  3. Can Jaume – A charming farm converted into an agroturismo not far from Ibiza town, Can Jaume is a relaxing and fun place. A dairy farm turned into an agroturismo, it embraces its originality while offering the amenities of a modern hotel.
  4. Can Marti – I am a wedding photographer committed to capturing raw and natural moments. A wedding at Can Marti, an eco-resort surrounded by unspoiled nature, is all the prerequisites for the perfect wedding venue.
  5. Atzaro – An authentic, yet modern Ibiza agroturismo rooted in nature. Most definitely one of Europes’ favourite wedding venues and my favourite too. The peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings contribute to being a perfect venue.
  6. Can Curreu – If you are a fan of historical art, then Can Curreu is going to be your spot. Located in San Carlos, this rural hotel offers quality, harmony, and exclusiveness in the most graceful atmosphere.
  7. Can Lluc – This rural agroturismo stands out in the list of Ibiza rural hotels. Imagine a panoramic view, tranquil landscapes, and comfortable interiors. This rural agroturismo will make you fall in love almost instantly.
  8. Can Sastre – This is where your wedding meets vacation. A wonderful place to relax and refresh, Can Sastre is the best choice to accommodate all of your guests and any specific wedding requirements.
  9. Can Talaias – A place to get away from it all and have a great time. A rural agroturismo close to nature that has stunning views. You will surely be enchanted by the magic of this place.
  10. Can Pere – With a beach in front and pine forests and Mediterranean plants surrounding Can Pere, it fascinates me every time I visit. Its charm works exceptionally well for weddings.
  11. Es Cucons – The countryside of Ibiza offers a picturesque scenic hotel. A cozy place, embracing a wonderful experience. You cannot go wrong with Es Cucons.
  12. Can Domo – A lush agroturismo in Ibiza with a beautiful view in the distance. Imagine getting married in the midst of palm trees and pine trees with your family and friends. How wonderful would that be?
  13. Ca Na Xica – The most intimate and relaxing wedding takes place in Ca Na Xica. It is the perfect destination for those looking for something exceptional.
  14. Pure House – It promises to stand still with time. Being a wedding photographer, this is what I strive for. A home away from home to relax and enjoy the wedding at the same time.
  15. Sa Talaia – Sa Talaia is an agroturismo that holds the traditions alive. An ancient mansion that has been renovated into a cozy, modern hotel that will provide you and your guests a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
  16. Xereca – Last but not the least, agroturismo Xereca. This place is equipped with all necessary facilities providing exuberance and exclusivity. A place in the countryside of Ibiza will definitely bring pleasure.


Ibiza agroturismo is renowned worldwide and attracts people from all Europe. I am sure there are many other lovely places to get married in Ibiza but the aforementioned are some of my favorites.

In Ibiza, I seek places that facilitate the wedding and are picturesque. Ibiza is full of lovely rural hotels offering memories that will last a lifetime. However, every bride and groom has their own unique plan and taste, so I offer wedding photography flexibility and adaptability for every wedding couple.