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Del Mao Ibiza beach mother sons

Emotive mother & sons beach Photography Session

This session is showcasing the beautiful  “Las Salinas” beach in ibiza at the end of December (the 31st to be exact). It was an amazing  beautiful sunny day with almost 20 °C (68°F).
Being able to capture the deep connection between Stephanie and her sons was really emotive to me.
To be honest, Nolan (8) and Mae (6) made my job easy with their radiating smiles,
Stephanie is the kind of woman super strong and really cool in the same time. It was easy to collaborate with her for this session. Also, she is such a caring mother, I could even felt her deep & intense Love for her sons. Honestly, I loved it.
Here few images of the session. I hope you will like it as much as i do. I am so happy to be able to share it with you.
Del Mao Ibiza winter

Winter in Ibiza | Children Photography Session

It’s Christmas holidays here, so we try to do, at least, one outdoor activity a day with the kids. With 17 degré Celsius (almost 63 degré Fahrenheit) of average daily these recent days, we would have no excuse for not doing it though…

Patrice and I love to walk and now that Zoe, our youngest of three and a half years, is “stronger”, we thought it was the right time to try a new walk of several kilometers .

The time to prepare the children and crab my camera, Patrice picked a ballad in our favorite guide “Secret Seeker”, written by our dear friend Rob Smith.

Fifteen minutes later, we were there.

What was my surprise to discover this unique landscape that I’ve never seen in Ibiza before : it was neither the “campo” (so dear to my heart), nor the beach.

It was simply beautiful.

I instantly fell in love with these winter colors, this amazing golden light and the blue sky, cloudy and dramatic as I like.

The kids obviously loved it. We stopped everywhere and let them pick up just about everything they wanted. In the end, they even asked me to take a picture of them which doesn’t happen so much these times 🙂

It was a magic afternoon. Ibiza is really sublime in winter, you should come and visit it!



Charlotte & Harry | Intimate Wedding Photography in Ibiza

The wedding of Charlotte and Harry was just wonderful!

It is an adorable couple, their connection is so obvious.

After getting married for the first time in the United States (Harry is American), they decided to celebrate once again their Love in Ibiza; where Charlotte spent all her holidays during her childhood.

Ibiza is a bit like a second home for her and her family.

Everything was perfectly organized at the El Naranjo restaurant in Santa Eulalia-del Riu.

The place was privatized and specially decorated for the occasion.

The transitions were all smooth, the decoration was very pretty in a simple country style, just like the food – which is always excellent there.

The ceremony was very intimate and full of emotions, it was very beautiful.

The atmosphere was very cheerful and relaxed.

It was a great pleasure to follow this young couple throughout this very special day.

Charlotte and Harry: thank you again for your kindness and trust, I wish you a long and wonderful Life together.



Del Mao Ibiza engagement

Céline & Mathieu | Engagement session

Sooo exited to share these photos with you!

Céline & Mathieu came on our beautiful island for holidays and asked me to capture their Love & Complicity. They needed a photo for their weeding invitation card 🙂

I am glad they called me to do an engagement photoshoot. It was an amazing, fun & relax shooting. They’re so lovely and I love their connection.

I wish them a lot of Happiness.



Del Mao Ibiza Business Portrait

Carole and her ballerina-yoga | Business portrait

She needed portrait photos for her new business. We only had 30 minutes in front of us. We have succeeded successfully. Here’s how.

I have known Carole for over 4 years now. She is one of the people who knows me the best on this planet. And by far. Her husband once said we were like twin sisters. I think he’s right, we’re really similar in many ways. Rare are the people with whom I feel so much in confidence.

Carole is an amazing woman with a sparkling personality, a radiant energy and a sensitivity that makes you feel more alive, important and never forgotten.

Professionally, certain circumstances of life, her curiosity and her constant need to evolve & grow, have made her having several careers.

This is the kind of woman who is not afraid to put herself in danger and who is constantly learning. Personally, it inspires me a lot.

She was a classical dancer during her studies (sport-studies in Marseille), worked many years for a multinational (at the HRD) while continuing to train alongside psychology and art therapy. She later became a renowned psychologist in her area and recognized by her peers

It really worked, she was so invested in her work that it ended with a burnout … oups 🙁

Alarm signal, so it was time for a reset.

Faithful to herself, she didn’t go down and decided instead to (re) define and create the job of her dreams.

She closed slowly her practice, went to Thailand to return with a yoga diploma and created a discipline combining her two passions of always “the body & the human”.

In 2017, “ballerina-yoga” was born.

Since then, Carole successfully and happily organize individual and collective “body-mind” workshops,  as well as personal development courses in France and abroad. If you want to know more, click here.

All that to say, that when we met in Aix-en-Provence (our city of heart btw) at the end of July, she needed portrait photos for her new site and her social medias.

Luckily, we had a sublime room (Aix City Ballet). Less cool, it  was only available 30 minutes.

“No problem, we’ll manage like queens! ”

So we met the next morning, fresh, available and excited like teenagers.

Carole was dressed very simple at my request and the shooting started.

This was done very easily (the famous “flow” you know?). I already had more or less all the images in my head: I knew that I wanted to play with the movement, the speed, the slowness and to create artistic blurs. Carole trusted me and i could direct her super easily. Our mutual trust in each other helped a lot, of course. In addition, the fact that she is very comfortable with her body and her image (former dancer you know) was  the cherry on the best vegan cake of the world 😉

In 30 minutes, I had more sublime images in the box than I would have dared to imagine. We could have continued a long time. I loved it and it remains amazing memories for me.

For a long time, I put these images aside not knowing how to share them. All the people who have seen them, were touched. Here are some of them.




Del Mao Ibiza mother daughter

Authentic & emotive Mother-daughter photography session

This session is showcasing the beautiful Puig d’en Missa in Santa Eulalia del Riu, Ibiza.
Featuring this gorgeous mother and daughter session and this beautiful light  was everything I could hope for. Josefina and Suzy were great. I feel really grateful to have been able to capture these moments.
Connection & Emotions were everywhere : it was just magic. I am sure you’re going to feel their Love.
Del Mao Ibiza Couple

Carmen & Luis | Intimate couple session

I LOVE shooting outside! I love dealing with soft light : it is always magic!

I met Carmen and Luis while there were dancing like crazy. In Ibiza of course.
I immediately noticed their hair (ahahah, easy, I know, but true) and their complicity. Carmen is just so beautiful, full of grace and the sweetest person (she is a nurse). Luis has a natural presence, difficult to explain in words but it’s pretty obvious in the pictures, don’t you think? He is also a talented photographer (big pressure for me).
They came to visit our fabulous island for a few days before returning to Barcelona, where they live.
I can tell you, that these two lovers are the coolest people . The shooting went so well, I am pretty sure they forgot I was there.
They’ve been together for two years now and I am so glad I was able to shoot their Love.
I hope you will like it as I did.
Del Mao Ibiza

Every single day, I fall in love with Ibiza | Children session

I am not exaggerating at all. It’s a fact. Every day, it’s for a new reason.

It can be for the beauty of a landscape, for a beautiful beach, for the food, the people I meet, the multi-cultural, open-minded and festive atmosphere, etc, etc…

Everyday, I thank the Universe to be lucky enough to live in this amazing place.

Of course, I am not saying that everything is perfect, HOWEVER when I put everything else in perspective, I would prefer, without a doubt in my mind, to live here than in any other big city, especially with kids.

The other day, I was amazed by the weather. Here in Ibiza, we have more than 300 days of sun per year, can you imagine? Crazy, isn’t it?

While all our friends and family, from France and Canada, were telling us how they were cold and fed-up about their weather, we were at the beach with 20 degrees. The ice-cream shop was almost full while the kids played, barefoot, in the sea. I couldn’t resist to capture some beautiful and sunny moments of them. memories for a life time as they said 🙂

Ibiza is my little PARADISE and I feel really blessed to be here.

And you, where is your paradise?