Maternity photography session in Ibiza

It’s been a while since I want to share some pictures of my last maternity session on the beach.

The love that these two (soon three !!) have for each other is really something special to see. It’s really an endearing couple, Alexandra is sweet, reserved, adorable and Kevin super nice and really funny.They came to our magical island to rest a bit and discover the region. Alexandra was five months pregnant and needed calm. Coming at this time of the year was just perfect. Ibiza is splendid at this time: the weather was mild, the light perfect and there are not too many people.

Passionate about photography, Alexandra likes to make photo albums for all the major events of her life (travel, wedding, etc) in order to keep a tangible memory over time and to be able to transmit it later.

It was therefore the perfect opportunity for a maternity session on the beach.

I asked them to join me on one of my favorite beaches in Ibiza and we spent the end of the afternoon together. We had more acquainted with a drink and the session started.

Alexandra changed twice because she wanted to have pictures with her beautiful belly apparent. She wears beautifully one of my dresses and the sublime tule skirt is the one she wore at the last wedding she attended.

The session went extremely well, they are delighted with the photos and have already told me to wave when I’m on Paris for photos with baby 🙂

and yes : Photographing happiness with nice and happy people: I really do the best job in the world!

I wish them all the happiness of the world for this new adventure.


Dress : Forever21

Skirt : Asos