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Ibiza wedding photographer & a giant cactus

Where I come from

I'm from Provence in the south of France, which where i discovered my love for outdoors activities, connection with nature, the behaviour of light in the golden hour and beach walks. After, 10 years traveling the world as Director of Sales for a big company and living in 8 different countries, I quit my job, had two beautiful children and decided to move in Ibiza where I found my spiritual home for the first time in my life. To me it is the most amazing place in the world and I will be forever grateful for its magic.

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My Why

I love people. I really do. Human beings and the way we interact is fascinating to me. I also love authentic and raw emotions, real things, intensity and truth. This is what I aim to capture for and with you. To freeze frame special times forever for you and your loved ones. For me photography is about feelings : by looking at a photograph you can feel, hear or even smell again. As a photographer I find the ability to capture memories through photography an amazingly beautiful and rewarding process.

Things I love

Organizing any kind of social activities with my friends and our children. Picnicking on the beach while watching a sunset (cheesy but true). I am also a yogi, a veggie, and a lover of wine and gin and stones and crystals also appeal to me greatly. I love classical and electronic music -not my only contradiction-. Occasionally, I like to party, I love books and probably spend way too much time on my phone, as well as being a podcast addict.

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My Style

My photography is a reflection of who I am and how i see the world. I would describe my work as emotive, poetic, intimate and it usually represents how i feel inside.

Natural light

and soft editing

Delmao family photo in Ibiza

THIS IS Damian (8,5 because half is important) & Zoé (7)


of my life

I am so lucky to be their mum and of course they are the most amazing children in the entire world.

I am also an Aries, ascendant virgin; enneagram 3; ENFP and only child.

if like me you are interested in these kinds of things :-)


Ibiza wet sand footprints

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